IBTcrm Time & Material Package


IBTcrm Support Package

IBTcrm Always committed to offer Robust support to customers.

IBTcrm offers various support package to the customer for various needs.

As an user of vTiger you always required some kind of support in your vTiger.
Either its development support or ongoing support to fix some issues with your vTiger system.

IBTcrm offers various support services.

  1. Ongoing fixes of vTiger versions.
  2. Support vTiger 5.x,6.x,7.x versions
  3. Customization of vTiger modules


1-2 Hours:

  • Expiration Time: Same Day
  • Price – $100

5 Hours:

  • Expiration Time: 1 week from Start Date
  • Price – $300

16 Hours:

  • Expiration Time: 4 Weeks from Start Date
  • Price – $800

24 Hours:

  • Expiration Time: 9 Weeks from Start Date
  • Price – $1080

40 Hours:

  • Expiration Time: 16 Weeks from Start Date
  • Price – $1600


IBTcrm is always committed to offering robust support to customers.

IBTcrm offers Time & Material Models to customers.

Hourly Rate: $40/per hour (1Qty = 1Hour in Cart)


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