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 vTiger community edition has Over 5 Million users worldwide!

Making It Make Sense

In today’s business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are considered a basic necessity to manage key operations from lead generation to billing and support.


After 10 years of using vTiger Community Edition, we discovered many features that were lacking to really fulfill every aspect of the sales process.


Isolex Business Technologies has packaged a perfect CRM solution, fully customizable, and secure.


Having all of your client communications in one dashboard allows your sales staff, Technicians, support staff, service providers, and management to boost productivity and efficiency considerably.


Remember “People don’t plan to fail; They fail to plan.”


Allow IBT-CRM to put your organization at the forefront of today’s marketplace.

5 Million Users Can’t Be Wrong!

Helps To Boost Productivity

A CRM helps organize every aspect of your business process. Keeping a record of every action that occurs in a client relationship ensures service levels are acceptable and allows you to deliver the best support to each of your clients on a personal level.

Client Communications

A CRM keeps all communications with clients/leads together in an easily accessible dashboard. Emails, SMS and even call records/recordings associated with a Clent/Lead are attached to the associated record for future reference.

Reminders & Notifications

Get reminders sent to email or text for meetings, tasks, project deadlines and more. Send automatic reminders to clients when invoices are due or tickets updated. All customizable.

FREE Mobile App

Get notifications on your android/iOS devices with the FREE mobile app. Access leads, clients, provects, invoices, contracts and even have clients sign digitally on location!  

Open Source is not free!

Often users mistake open source for free (no license fees). Open source affords the flexibility to modify source code, but the costs of hosting, maintaining, supporting, and upgrading the application push the overall cost to exceed the cloud-based CRM costs.

Now it is!


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